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Why Study History?
An Ongoing Adventure

A Polish proverb says that the future is certain, but the past is always changing.  Indeed, the future is coming, but the more we explore the past, the more we understand ourselves and humanity.  Every generation of historians has an opportunity to revisit the past and equipped with more information and insight can offer new understanding and explanations for what has gone before.  Why is this important? Because if we want to truly understand how we came to where we are, we must understand where we have been and why we have made certain choices.  Humanity has made mistakes and triumphed in many ways, but the journey into the future is not over yet. 

Why Study Geography?
The Ever Changing Canvas of History

The Earth changes.  The landscapes have shifted over millions of years and will continue to change for millennia to come.  Jared Diamond, in his book Guns, Germs, and Steel, reminds us of the impact of geography on the development of humanity and its progress through time.  We as students must understand how our world changes and how we change the world so that we can continue to build a global community.  Never before has our world been so small and never before has it been so important for us to know it and each other.  Our world provides a diverse landscape for a diverse humanity.  Just as that diversity creates a beautiful planet that we call home, so our human diversity creates a beautiful society that is better when it is built on our strengths used for the greater whole.

A Curious Mind is the heart of the True Scholar 

True education does not stop when school ends. One of the great errors among students and parents is the idea that one goes to school with the goal of obtaining a better job.  Indeed, it is true that college educated people earn more over a lifetime, but that is only a secondary benefit of school.  One goes to school to become educated.  Education opens the door for the individual to pursue their passions and their personal goals.  Success is not measured by the size of one's bank account, but the ability to leave a lasting impact through a fulfilled life well lived.  Education facilitates the process.  With that in mind, I want to give suggestions that not only help one pursue more information on a topic, but to encourage the student to dig deeper into areas of study that interest them. 

Because some things are just too cool to not share

From time to time, I might share some of my passions.  Beyond teaching and family, the three most important pursuits I have are Books, Music, and Movies.  I am a geek and a nerd about these hobbies. The collection at home is affectionately called the ARchive (yes it is spelled the way we like to spell it).  Over 2000 books (now growing on Kindle), Over 700 albums and CDs, and around 500 movies . . . and counting.  And of course, there are, indeed, some things that are just too cool not to share.

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