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Reading is the gateway to the future.  Those who read, succeed. Here are some lists for various interests and for students. I highly recommend these books to improve reading and  broaden your horizons.

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What Todd is Reading (I read through five at the same time, usually different genres)
Russian Lit Category
Lit, Philosophy, History
Genre (Fantasy, Horror,
Mystery,  Sci-fi)
1960's project
Stuff I want to Read
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Caveat: These are books that may sometimes have contents that are for older or mature readers. I will change these regularly

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Suggested Reading for Lower Level English
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Caveat:  Dictionaries will still be necessary, but these are books with short simple sentences and basic dialogue. They also deal with issues to make a reader think and discuss the book. I also recommend that the parents read the book as well to encourage progress and to talk about the book with their child.

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Books for Intermediate Readers
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More Advanced Readers
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Popular Mystery Books

Caveat:  These books, of course, are murder mysteries; I have not included what are considered some of the best in history because of very adult content, but these should be safe for young adults

Popular Science Fiction
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Caveat:  I have listed popular science fiction books above, but here are some other notable works in the genre.  Be aware that sometimes these books use technical language and humor that might not translate well.  Some of these are older books, so the style is different, which might cause some difficulties.

Popular Fantasy

Caveat:  I have also listed popular fantasy books above, but here are some other notable works in the genre. Also, warning that some of these books have very descriptive vocabulary that might be a challenge.

Horror Genre
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Caveat: These books may deal with some mature themes given the nature of the genre.  I have included some classics here, simple because they are on every list, but not particularly scary. 

Important Literature for school
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Caveat: Parents: the books listed below are standard reading in most High Schools in America.  If your student can read these books in English, that is preferable, but I also understand the importance of making sure your student has the familiarity with these books as any American student.  So, if Chinese translations are available, I think it would be acceptable, simply so that your student is not behind other students.  I will warn you, that some of these books have mature content and language, but is part of many curricula in America. Chinese editions may actually edit these, so be aware.

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