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Welcome to the class!

What can we find on the site?  First, the main page will contain all of the lectures that you can access at any time.


Second, under each lecture you will find some book recommendations if you are interested in the topic.  To the right of each lecture will be links to handouts and study guide material you will need for the unit.

Third, you will find links to videos, practice quizzes, and other sites listed as "Deep Dives."  Feel free to explore those and have fun.

Fourth, you will find a Question of the Day for your Journal Assignments.  What are those?  Keep Reading . . . .

Unit 1 Assignment Checklist

You will be asked to accomplish several assignments over the next few weeks:

1. Journal Questions.  There are no wrong answers.  The journal is to get you thinking and reflect on relevant issues and questions, as well as get your gut reaction.  We will take some time for you to write an answer  (Yeah, sure, you can peek ahead to get you thinking about them).  Later, after we have discussed the question or covered it, I will ask you to write a follow up paragraph (not necessarily that day).  All entries will be due by Unit 1 Test day.

2. Map the Fossil Sites.  There is a World Map with some boxes. You are to chart where the fossils for each of the developing humanoids are found on the map.  In the boxes, you can write characteristics and contributions of each one (research is required)

3. Group Project: Your team will design a village/city showing early urbanization.  Plan your location carefully, it will need to support around 200 people. What do they need to survive and thrive.  Be prepared, you will need to defend it against your classmates.

4. Geography Quiz and Vocabulary Quizzes will be taken, but practice quizzes are available.  Success on those means success on the quizzes and Unit test.

5. Article Assignment: An assigned reading will be given for a short writing assignment and preparation for class discussion

Ongoing Course Reading

Students will be expected to choose a biography, history of event, or approved historical fiction book.  The student will, by the end of the semester read two books (must be approved by me) and submit a report sheet on it for grade.

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